The Lord

The Lord


Be still,
and know that I am God…
~ Psalm 46:10 ~



There is a universal influx from God into the souls of men
that there is a God, and that He is one.
~ True Christian Religion 8 ~



…He created the universe with everything in it,
from Love by means of Wisdom;
and consequently…
the Divine Love, together with the Divine Wisdom,
is in every created subject.
Love, moreover,
is not only the essence which forms all things;
but it also unites and conjoins them…
~ True Christian Religion 37 ~



The truth is that the life of everyone,
both of man, of spirit, and also of angel,
flows in solely from the Lord,
who is life itself…
~ Arcana Caelestia 2888 ~



This mighty system which is called the universe
is a single unit coherently organised from beginning to end,
because God had one end in view in creating it,
to create from the human race
a heaven of angels.
The means to this end
are all the things of which the world is composed;
for he who wills the end,
wills also the means.
~ True Christian Religion 13 ~



…[the Lord] Himself came into the world
and made Himself visible, accessible
and capable of entering into conjunction with man,
solely for this end,
that man might be saved.
For unless God is approached in thought as Man,
all idea of God is lost,
being like sight directed into the universe,
that is into empty space…
~ True Christian Religion 538 ~



…unless the Lord had come into the world
and by means of the temptations which He suffered
had overcome and conquered the hells,
the human race would have perished,
and…if He had not done so
none who have lived on this planet
even from the time of the Most Ancient Church
could have been saved.
~ Arcana Caelestia 1676 ~



The Divine mercy
is pure mercy towards the whole human race, to save it;
and it is also unceasing towards every man,
and is never withdrawn from anyone;
so that everyone is saved who can be saved.
~ Heaven and Hell 522 ~



The Lord never judges anyone except from good,
for His will is to lift all men,
however many these may be, up to heaven,
indeed if it were possible,
up to Himself.
~ Arcana Caelestia 2335 ~



The Lord is present with every man,
urgent and pressing to be received;
and when a man receives Him,
by acknowledging Him as his Creator, Redeemer and Saviour,
then is His first Coming,
which is called the dawn.
~ True Christian Religion 766 ~



…I am the light of the world:
he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life.
~ John 8:12 ~






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