What therefore God hath joined together,
let not man put asunder.
~ Matthew 19:6 ~



…the principle of marriage
of one husband and one wife
is the jewel of human life
and a treasure-house of Christian religion.
~ Conjugial Love 457 ~



…there is love truly conjugial [true marriage love];
which is so rare at the present day
that its quality is not known,
and scarcely that it exists.
~ Conjugial Love 58 ~



Love truly conjugial is the union of two minds,
which is a spiritual union;
and all spiritual union descends from heaven.
~ Arcana Caelestia 10168 ~



…love truly conjugial with its delights
is solely from the Lord,
and is given to those
who live according to His commandments.
~ Conjugial Love 534 ~



…innocence, peace, tranquillity, inmost friendship, complete trust,
a mutual desire of the mind and heart to do the other every good;
also, as a result of all these, bliss, felicity, delight, pleasure,
and, owing to an eternal enjoyment of states like this,
the happiness of heaven.
All of these states are inherent in conjugial love
and consequently spring from it,
and the reason is that conjugial love
originates from the marriage between goodness and truth,
and this marriage comes from the Lord.
~ Conjugial Love 180 ~



Conjugial love in its essence
is nothing else but the wish of two to be one,
or, in other words,
a will on their part that their two lives become one life.
To carry out that will is the constant endeavour of this love,
and all that it does flows from it.
~ Conjugial Love 215 ~



People who are in a state of truly conjugial love
look to eternity in their marriage
because eternity is inherent in this love.
~ Conjugial Love 216 ~



For people who desire truly conjugial love,
the Lord provides similar partners,
and if they are not found on earth,
He provides them in heaven.
~ Conjugial Love 229 ~



…the delight of true marriage love
not only endures to old age in the world,
but after death becomes the delight of heaven
and is there filled with an interior delight
that grows more and more perfect to eternity.
~ Heaven and Hell 379 ~


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