A New Christianity

A New Christianity


…and they shall see the Son of Man
coming in the clouds of heaven
with power and great glory.
~ Matthew 24:30 ~

We read in many passages
that the Lord will come in the clouds of heaven…
But no one up to the present has known
what the clouds of heaven mean;
they have thought that He would appear in them in person.
It has so far been unknown that the clouds of heaven
mean the Word in its literal sense,
and that glory and power,
with which He is to come at that time (Matthew 24:30),
mean the spiritual sense of the Word.
~ True Christian Religion 776 ~



And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem,
coming down from God out of heaven,
prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
~ Revelation 21:2 ~



Emanuel Swedenborg writes…

This, the Lord’s second coming,
is taking place by means of a man,
to whom He has shown Himself in person,
and whom He has filled with His spirit,
so that he may teach the doctrines of the new church
which come from the Lord through the Word.
Since the Lord cannot show Himself in person…
and yet He predicted that He would come and found a new church,
which is the New Jerusalem,
it follows that He will do this by means of a man,
who can not only receive intellectually the doctrines of this church,
but also publish them in print.
I bear true witness that the Lord has shown Himself
in the presence of me, His servant,
and sent me to perform this function.
After this He opened the sight of my spirit,
thus admitting me to the spiritual world,
and allowing me to see the heavens and the hells,
and also to talk with angels and spirits;
and this I have now been doing for many years without a break.
Equally I assert that from the first day of my calling
I have not received any instruction
concerning the doctrines of that church from any angel,
but only from the Lord, while I was reading the Word.
~ True Christian Religion 779 (first published in 1771) ~



Again Swedenborg writes…

Now, therefore, from what I have seen and heard
I am permitted to describe these things, in the hope that thus,
ignorance may be enlightened and unbelief dispelled.
Such immediate revelation is now made
because that is what is meant
by the Coming of the Lord.
~ Heaven and Hell 1 (first published in 1758) ~



From now on,
explore the mysteries of the Word,
which was formerly closed up.
All of its individual truths
are mirrors that reflect the Lord.
~ True Christianity 852 ~


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